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“Endrick is a gem on and off the field,” says one of his agents

Fabio Wolff talked in a brief interview with AS.

Palmeiras v Fortaleza - Brasileirao 2022 Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Endrick Felipe is about to become a Real Madrid player, although he won’t be allowed to make his debut for the club until the 2024-2025 season. Fabio Wolff, who is one of his agents taking care of Endrick’s sponsorship deals, talked in a brief interview with AS and shared his thoughts on the young prospect.

“Endrick is a gem on and off the field, a gem you have to polish with a lot of care. He broke a big record being only 16 years old. You can’t find players in Brazilian football with contracts longer than three years. His value has increased 10 times since January and his value right now is impossible to measure,” said Wolff.

The agent also explained the kind of partnerships Endrick will sign in the near future.

“We know the model we want for Endrick, just a handful of brands, eight would be the maximum. We want huge international companies who can provide Endrick true stories, we don’t just want a monetary exchange, we want story telling behind, some things that he can relate to. Rafa Nadal did a great job with Nike, Kia, Mapfre or Telefonica, all those have been there for quite some time. If you increase the number of sponsorship deals, in reality people don’t know the companies associated to the athlete,” he added.

While it will be important for Endrick’s future to establish himself as a consolidated brand, it will also be important for him to let his agents take care of it so that he can focus entirely on his professional career during his development.

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