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Open Thread: 19 December 2022

Monday Edition of The Daily Merengue

Argentina wins 2022 FIFA World Cup Photo by Fareed Kotb/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The Daily Merengue is a place where you can feel free to discuss all things football. Do not be alarmed by the overt RMCF bias. It’s in the name!

Shoutout to the mods who do a fantastic job, Felipejack, Kung_Fu_Zizou, Juninho, NeRObutBlanco and yours truly, Valyrian Steel.

Greatness must be recognized.

It is possible to separate the man from the fan boys and recognize what a career he’s had. It is now complete. When the final whistle blew that win seemed to matter more to him than anything else he’s won previously. He showed up when it mattered, lead his team and didn’t give up till the end. Now that’s very Real Madridesque. Maybe he just needed to leave Barcelona to develop that mentality. Congratulations Lionel Messi and Argentina.

Fantastic cameo.

Congratulations Luka.

Onwards and Upwards!!

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