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Boxing Day Thread: 26 December 2022

Another Juninho Edition of the Daily Merengue

Real Madrid Christmas Portrait Session 2022 Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

The Daily Merengue is a place where you can feel free to discuss all things football. Do not be alarmed by the overt RMCF bias. It’s in the name!

Shoutout to the mods who do a fantastic job, Valyrian Steel, KungFuZizou, NeRObutBlanco, Felipejack, and Long Live Juninho!


Slow News Day

With the conclusion of the World Cup and the holiday szn (hope you all had a great one if you celebrated), it’s been a pretty slow news day. So I won’t bore you all with the monotonously repetitive Real Madrid news aka Bellingham is our priority, Enzo is Plan B, Joao Felix is still not Free, Benzema v. the French Federation, or is Endrick going to have enough physical attributes to compete at a high level.

I will provide this Miggy news though, which quite frankly isn’t surprising. It’d be pretty embarrassing if Madrid wasn’t monitoring Miggy....

Soooo instead we’ll be posting some of the best Real Madrid Holiday SZN Outfits with Juninho-sponsored commentary.

This message is approved by La Iglesia De Rodrygo Y Latter Day Santos. There is only one GOAT and His Name is Rodrygo and Juninho is his humble prophet.

“La Futura”

The first fit we have is Militao in a nice crisp white polo with red trim on the sleeves and collar. Perfectly, situated to contrast his daughter in the all red fit with white accents. Holiday pic rating of a solid 8.5/10.

“Who Needs The Turtle When We Have Turtlenecks?”

One of my favorites here. La Familia de Carvajal pulling off a warm welcome in cream sweaters. PLUS THE OVERALLS. 10/10.

“Buy Me The GOAT’s Sweater Now”

<end of message>

14 (UCL trophies)/10

2010 was a dark year for Madrid Holiday Fits

<roll the clip>

5/10 (only because we have some legends in this vid)

Honorary Mention: David Alaba

Austria’s player of the year and December German GQ Sportsman of the Year, David Alaba always comes correct in every fashion fit. Ofc he didn’t disappoint. Only gripe is the photobomb from the glass doors.

Always gotta check your back David - keep ya head on a swivel. 8/10

Let me know if there were any I missed...expect a more usual open thread in the upcoming week as we prepare to return to La Liga!

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