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Immediate Reaction: Levante Las Planas 1 - 4 Real Madrid; Liga F

Esther brace and Feller continues on her rampage.

Levante Las Planas

Win in Barcelona against Levante Las Planas. Below are my thoughts and views on the match.

  • The first half was not that interesting. Out of 5 chances, Real Madrid scored 2 goals, one was an open goal miss, one ended up in the corner, and one hit the post. Until the fifth minute, there wasn’t anything concrete happening.
  • 5’: GOAL (0:1) by Esther Gonzalez! Great run by Feller after which she makes a clean pass to the center of the box where Esther is positioned.
  • In the coming minutes, Athenea was trying something from the right wing. The first time she fought on the goal line and managed to cross the ball into the box, but Levante’s goalkeeper Dočić caught it easily. The second time she did a ground pass to the middle of the Levante box but no one was there to receive it.
  • 23’: Tere misses an open goal chance after a pass from Esther. She did the same against Alhama and then later on scored a banger. I was hoping she wanted to do it again, sadly it didn’t happen this time.
  • 34’: GOAL (0:2) by Esther Gonzalez! Clean assist by Lucía.
  • 41’: What’s a Real Madrid game without Claudia Zornoza attempting a longshot? This time it just hit the post as it seems that her longshots tend to be more precise when playing against teams from Barcelona.
  • 0-2 at halftime
  • Halftime substitution: Svava on for Esther who received a yellow card and appeared to be in the mood to receive another. Feller moves to the center forward position.
  • I might’ve said that the first half wasn’t interesting, but the second one went on to be even more plain.
  • 57’: GOAL (1:2) by Irina Uribe!
  • 65’: GOAL (1:3) by Athenea del Castillo! Maite passes from the left side of the box to Weir who turns around and tries to tackle it in, but the ball arrives to Athenea who’s positioned right in front of the second post.
  • 70’: Substitution: Toletti in for Weir
  • 85’: GOAL (1:4) by Naomie Feller! Assist by Maite. Feller picked up a goal after her assist to Esther in 5’.
  • 86’ Substitution: Nahikari and Møller in for Athenea and Feller.
  • 89’: Nahikari receives the ball on the left side and makes a side pass, while Møller was held back by a defender, Zornoza tried to get it but was too late.

Tactically, a very plain game, but the one we didn’t suffer in for a change.

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