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Javier Tebas: “The phone at Real Madrid has been lost.”

La Liga’s president is not happy with Real Madrid and Barcelona

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La Liga president Javier Tebas spoke to the media today in Doha, and was quite vocal (and transparent) about what’s going on at the General Assembly of La Liga happening in Dubai.

As Real Madrid officially stated on their website a few days ago, they will not be attending the meeting in person, and do not understand why the event is not being held on Spanish soil. In his presser today, Tebas clarified that Real Madrid are at the Assembly, but only virtually. He was also quite transparent about the current situation and his feeling towards both Real Madrid and Barcelona (the latter of which seemed to not be attending the meeting at all).

Will Real Madrid be present?

“Real Madrid will be present by videoconference, as other clubs do in other assemblies, therefore they will be present. What is curious is that they are present by the same lawyer from the Super League, even if they later say that they are not from Real Madrid. The president of Real Madrid does not want the other clubs to grow, that is the reality”.

Barcelona are being directed by Real Madrid

“We don’t know if Barcelona will attend, as of today. It must be explained that this Assembly is planned and explained since September 6, the budget was approved in the Ordinary General Assembly where the budgets are approved, in a special section: investment in Dubai. Barcelona were signed up with Ferran Oliver and Mateu Alemany until three days ago. They received the call from someone we all know, already: Florentino Pérez”.

Has he spoken to Real Madrid?

“No. No, no. The phone at Real Madrid has been lost.”

It’s “impossible” to see eye-to-eye

“I’m there whenever they want to talk, but we won’t always do what they want. That’s the difference. Not coming to Dubai, as we have done, is like children saying: ‘Well, come on, dad, I don’t eat ice cream.’ Well, it’s the same thing.

“LaLiga spoken with them because José Ángel Sánchez came to the Assembly and I spent a while talking with him. The difference, and it is very important to understand this, is that we defend two totally different football models: one destroys the other. It is Difficult to understand each other. Well, not difficult, it is impossible to reach agreements when one is asking you to destroy your football. The Super League model would be very detrimental to LaLiga. They only say that they respect us on the weekend, but it would hurt us just the same and in four years would take away our weekends”.

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