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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 1 - 1 Chelsea; UWCL Group Stage

Nerve-wracking draw in Madrid.

Real Madrid CF v Chelsea FC Women: Group A - UEFA Women’s Champions League Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Draw in Madrid in the return leg versus Chelsea. Below are my views on the match.

Complete change in formation on Toril’s side. The 3-5-2 formation was previously tested against a newly promoted Alhama but this is the first ever real test this formation will receive. Starting with 3 CBs - Ivana, Kathellen and Rocío, with Maite, Toletti and Zornoza in the middle, Olga and Feller supporting them from the sides on wings, and finally we have Feller and Esther leading the attack in front. The formation was a hybrid between 3-5-2 and 4-3-3, with Ivana acting as right back and Olga pulling back to the left back position more rather than the role of a wingback.

  • The first half was played on the safe side from both teams. There was also the luck factor that wasn’t on Chelsea’s side. They hit the woodwork a couple of times.
  • 2’: In the first two minutes, Real Madrid already suffered 2 corners from Chelsea. The first one was saved by Misa and the second one hit the crossbar, luckily for Madrid’s defense.
  • 9’: There was terrible miscommunication between Misa and Ivana right in front of the goal after Chelsea’s cross, but ultimately the action was called offside.
  • There was a series of mysterious crosses from Real Madrid in the coming minutes, one from Esther, one from Olga and one from Athenea and all three were too high for any of the Madridistas in the box.
  • 22’: Athenea received a yellow for a dumb tackle on Eriksson on the sideline.
  • 24’: Olga combined with Esther to finally shoot long from the last quarter on Chelsea’s side which went wide.
  • 31’: Terrible mispass from Zornoza and Kerr got 1 on 1 vs Misa and ultimately hit the goalpost.
  • For the next few minutes, Real Madrid pushed Chelsea all the way to their half of the pitch, going full on attack.
  • 34’: Feller won the duel on the sidelines and saved the ball from going out, Toletti got the ball and her longshot ended up on target as Berger caught the ball.
  • 36’: GOAL (1:0) by Caroline Weir! Feller and Esther pressing on Chelsea’s backline resulted in Berger misplacing the ball and Weir intercepting it. She controlled it and shot it inside.
  • End of 1st half, Real Madrid 1:0 Chelsea.
  • Halftime substitution in Chelsea: Kirby and Charles in for Fleming and Eriksson.
  • Two minutes in the second half, Chelsea got the freekick and her cross was cleared by Rocío.
  • 50’: After Chelsea’s throw-in, Real Madrid recovered the ball, Weir went on to attack immediately as she tried to pass to Esther on the right wing, but the striker didn’t manage to get there in time.
  • Rocío had been on a roll this game, around 55’ she had 2 great cool-headed clearances from inside the box.
  • 57’: Ivana fouled Reiten inside the box and penalty was given to Chelsea. Cuthbert took the ball and Weir approached Misa, as she saw that, she gave the penalty to Reiten.
  • 59’: GOAL (1:1)! Reiten hit the post, Misa guessed the side, but the ball bounced off her back and went inside. Own goal by Misa.
  • 61’: Real Madrid substitution: Svava in for Esther. Formation change as Svava positioned on the left back and Olga moved up on left wing. Ivana stayed on the right back.
  • 66’: Dirty foul by James on Athenea as she stuck her leg out to trip Athenea. She received a yellow card for that.
  • In the next few minutes, frustration was very apparent in both teams.
  • 74’: Real Madrid substitution: Maite in for Zornoza
  • 77’: Chelsea substitution: Kaneryd in for James
  • 80’: Olga broke through Chelsea’s defense to go 1 on 1 vs Berger who managed to save her intended chip in the end. Very dangerous chance.
  • 81’: Brilliant pressing from Feller, she had been doing this the whole game. Ultimately, she recovered the ball but soon after someone from Real Madrid’s midfield misplaces a pass.
  • 89’: Kerr went 1 on 1 vs Misa who made a brilliant save there in the middle of the box.
  • 90’: Real Madrid substitution: Nahikari in for Feller
  • End of the game. Real Madrid 1:1 Chelsea. On the side note, the kitmen will be very happy after this game. The kits ended up being more brown and green than white. With all the fouls combined with the rain, it was impossible to stay clean. Great proof of effort by the team resulting in 1 point.

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