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Unai Emery: “The point is insufficient, but we’ll take it for as good as the game went”

The Villarreal manager speaks on the result of the 0-0 draw with Real Madrid


Villarreal manager Unai Emery spoke about the disappointment in only taking a point away from the match with Real Madrid on Saturday in a post-match interview.

“The point is insufficient, but we have to take it for as good as the game went. We are able to be close to Madrid at the level of play and duels, but we lack a point that with the whole squad I think we would find it. In two weeks, we have Juventus and this has been a good test, we want to be close to the top and in the Champions League, in games like the one that comes now, to have options.”

Villarreal played a strong first half despite not being able to net a goal. Emery talked about the chances Real Madrid created and believed Luka Jovic’s crossbar shot would not have counted if converted.

“Satisfaction within a game where each team has had a part in which it has shown its credentials. They defend with the backline and have found actions behind us. Their [chances] were clear, although Jovic’s I think was offside and would have entered the VAR. In the last few minutes, we had some momentum to go ahead.”

Emery answered whether or not he believed there were any controversial decisions made by referee Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez. This was most likely directed towards Vinicius’ yellow card after a high challenge on Vicente Iborra.

“I haven’t seen the plays, but I think it’s come out a clean game, of two teams that want to play, although there may be dubious actions. As we have seen some games, today was a game of teams that want to play without strange things. We must protest less and what we want is for it to be played. We have to help make the league a strong brand There has been some dubious play, but the refereeing decisions are respectable, and we want games like tonight.”

Emery closed by saying he does not believe the team will not necessarily come away with great feelings with a good performance if the results do not accompany it. He said he wants to compete with Real Madrid and be higher in the standings.

“The sensations do not have to be received by the team as something sufficient if it does not accompany the result. Madrid is a powerful team with which we want to compete and be close, we want to be candidates to be able to discuss a little higher in the classification. We found certain things of solidity, but we still have a point to give a blow and win in these types of matches.”

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