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Player Ratings: Real Madrid Femenino 1 - 0 Real Betis

Esther does the business.

Real Madrid Femenino V Rayo Vallecano Femenino - Primera Division Femenina Photo By Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

Real Madrid Femenino put more points on the board as they managed to see out a 1-0 win over Real Betis thanks to a strike from Esther González, who now sits at 12 league goals for the season. Toril rotated abit, with Rocío Gálvez coming in at RCB to replace Babett while Esther and Asllani returned to replace Maite and Møller.

Real Madrid failed to control possession really and it wasn’t an impressive performance, with lots of hopeful long balls that resulted in turnovers. The buildup was laborious and flat most times as we lacked ideas and options.

Here are the player ratings from the game:

Starting XI

GK: Misa — 7/10

Misa had a good game in regards to how she managed to control the box, she claimed the crosses well and while there wasn’t much shot stopping to do, she did manage to leave a mark on the game.

LB: Sofie Svava — 6.5/10

Svava continued with her good showing, she was solid defensively and was able to showcase her range of passes this time around. Her partnership with Olga does need some work though.

LCB: Ivana Andrés — 7/10

Ivana had a decent game, she was the first piece in buildup but her long passes didn’t really come off. It was her vertical pass that found Esther in between lines for the goal. She did well defensively on most occasion.

RCB: Rocío Gálvez — 7.5/10

Rocío held her own in defense and was decent in possession as she pulled off some good passes. She was solid at clearing the loose ball and dealing with initial danger. She blocked a lot of passes.

RB: Kenti Robles — 7/10

Kenti had a decent game coming up against the tough challenge of Babajide. She did well to close her down quickly on most occasions and had that flank locked down most often. On the ball she was good with her combination play and provided good support with her movements.

CM: Kaci — 6.5/10

Kaci covered the ground well throughout the game and helped out in defence. Her passing was decent.

CM: Claudia Zornoza — 7/10

Giveaways, high risk passes, sloppy touches and some good set-piece deliveries has become the norm of every Zornoza performance and this was no different. She played some good throughballs but Madrid were poor at timing their runs.

LW: Olga Carmona — 6.5/10

Olga was deployed at wings yet again and had an okay game before moving onto LB from where she made some good supporting runs. Her difficulties are to do with the dynamic with fullback as she likes to go on the outside and has been coupled with a fullback that likes to make an overlapping run and in general stay wide as well.

AM: Kosovare Asllani — 7/10

Asllani returned and reprised the #10/ second striker role. She was good at drifting across the pitch to provide support and was a presence in between the lines. She drew a lot of fouls thanks to her close control and quick turn. She could have had a goal but the keeper was equal to it.

RW: Athenea del Castillo — 7.5/10

Athenea is an excellent dribbler and every time she takes on a player there is a nutmeg or two around the corner. She did carve a chance or two thanks to her dribbling but it ultimately came to nothing as Madrid were often caught offside. She also helped out defensively and almost bagged an assist for Esther’s second late on in the game.

ST: Esther González — 8/10

Esther continues to deliver in moments when the team needs her. It was an excellent turn and run before firing the ball in. Her pressing in the game was great, she chases every ball with the same vigor and that often results in some opportunity and her ability to create shots for herself is something that makes her so dangerous. On the ball her timing to release the ball could be better. She dropped deep at times to turn provider as well.


RW: Marta Cardona — 6.5/10 (replaced Asllani; 61’)

Cardona showed glimpses again when she ran at defence before coming in and spraying it far side. There was a sloppy giveaway early on after coming on but she pressed well and continues on a positive trend.

CF/LW: Caroline Møller — 7/10 (replaced Svava; 61’)

Møller came on to play as the furthest forward player and was played through on goal by Lucia but her shot was saved. She showcased good use of her body to shield possession. Played out wide on the left for the final 3 minutes.

CM: Maite Oroz — 7/10 (replaced Kaci; 67’)

Maite’s introduction instantly saw Madrid’s passing becoming snappier. She helped dictate play and control possession better.

RB: Lucía Rodríguez — 6.5/10 (replaced Kenti; 67’)

Played a nice through ball for Møller in the 80th min and linked up quite well with Cardona. She was good at providing support further forward. She got dragged out ballwards at the end and Betis almost carved a chance out in the 90th min.

CM: Teresa Abelleira - N/A (replaced Athenea; 91’)

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