Madridistas, rejoice, rejoice, you have no choice.

Because, if I'm El Khelaifi, this is by far my worst ever night as president of PSG, and we're responsible for it all.

  1. If there was any chance of keeping Mbappe, any at all, it is well and truly gone tonight. And I mean gooooooooooooooooooooooooone. We did that.

  2. If there was any chance of bringing Haaland to PSG, it just vanished. Other up and coming superstars will also doubt your project a lot more now, and they all know that once you enter, "will never leave PSG". We did that as well.

  3. Who's been killing it lately and participated in changing the game? That's right, the 19 yr old prodigy refugee who said NON to PSG and SIUUUUUUUU to RMA. He did that.

  4. You're out of the CL, again. We did that. And it's doubtful you'll ever have a team this stacked again. We will do that. So, it was likely PSG's last chance for a while, and I wouldn't put an implosion past them. We would've done that.

  5. Your whole fast track philosophy of throwing money at players, coaches, and UEFA has just been shown to be an utter failure. There's a reason the CL is the best competition in the world (and I'm including all sports, I don't care), it's because ONLY TEAMS MADE OUT OF CHAMPIONS lift that trophy. Not individual superstars, not athletes. teams. And when you have that extra sauce that makes 36 yr olds play like 26 yr olds, and Bayern legends lift plastic chairs in the air like they just don't fucking care, you can do so consistently. That extra sauce is the slow burn of history, and living up to what people before you accomplished while wearing that same badge.

No wonder Nasser was ready to kill, literally. (someone please find that video?).

On the other hand, any news on Papa Flo? He won so much tonight that he may be may drowning in champagne as we speak. I'm worried.

Side notes:

  1. I feel horrible for Hakimi. He clearly wants to be on our side, he plays benz onside for the second goal, and to top it off, he gets whistled by our fans on his way out. I hope PSG fans are too busy foaming at everyone else and forget him.

  2. I feel fantastic for Keylor, who is rumored to still be dancing the "this is what you get when you sit a triple CL champion on the bench" dance. He didn't loose tonight.

  3. Vini is a cheat code, and Rodrygo if the kind of kid who has the balls to steal the ball from a CL knockout round kick off!!?? He was a pest and a menace from the second he came in.

  4. Dani Alves spoke about the greatness of Benzema, in a game where his ex-teammates and the best players he's played with: Neymar and Messi, also played. And no one asked him! Think about that. No matter if you always liked Benz or not, or if you still don't rate him (I'm sure they still exist), he's always worked hard, both for RMA and France, never complained, and never threatened to leave for a bigger paycheck or brighter limelight. A striker from another era. A role model. I say statues for him, Modric, and CR7 (plus a little Marcelo with the leftovers).

  5. Last and least: With the Man City game happening in parallel, I didn't realize how well tonight was set up for Haaland if he, say, was still making up his mind hehe. What game did he watch? RMA of course. What shoes does he want to fill? The hat trick ones with the big dick tip mark.

Hala Madrid, y nada mas.