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Sanitas hands out digital health cards to all Real Madrid players

Sanitas, who are the official medical provider for Real Madrid, provided all the players and coaching staff with digital health cards today at Real Madrid City.

The event saw both Emilio Butragueño and Iñaki Peralta (Sanitas CEO) present. Both also had some words to share respectively.

Emilio Butragueño

“This alliance is very stable, very productive, and has evolved in a very positive way. They are a leading institution in their sector, with a digitalisation project with which we identify completely. Our players’ care and health is absolutely essential for us to achieve our objectives, namely to win titles and to make our fans happy. In this, Sanitas plays a fundamental role because if our sportsmen and women are in perfect condition, our performance is more likely to be optimal. We’re very happy to stay with them and we’re very optimistic about the future alongside them.”

Iñaki Peralta

“It’s always very exciting to continue working with the best sportsmen and women in the world. It makes us improve every day, implementing all the possible innovation that exists and that Sanitas is developing, using technology that utilises all the digital systems that exist in healthcare. Working with Real Madrid is a challenge and a joy. All the players in the football squad have received digital cards that give them access to all our healthcare centres when they need them. Our hope is that it will be used very few times as what we love the most is that they are very healthy so that they can play great football.”

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