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Marcelo on Mbappe: “I don’t see him at Madrid because I don’t know the future.”

The Brazilian gave a lengthy interview to ‘El Hormiguero’

UEFA Champions League”Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain”

Real Madrid left-back Marcelo went on ‘El Hormiguero’, a show hosted by Spanish comedian Pablo Motos on Antena 3, to give a lengthy interview. He discussed his captaincy, relationship with Sergio Ramos, the title race, and more. He even had time for some dancing, as you’ll see in this Instagram post:

We’ve summarized some of the relevant talking points from the interview below:

His relationship with the younger players

“We try to help all the youth, When I arrived I was 18 years old and Sergio was 19. The older players helped me and took care of me because this is what Madrid does. I try to help by bringing joy to work, and pass on some of my experience at the club. In times we’ve have had more veterans it has not gone badly for us, if you have the opportunity to choose examples, it’s us. If I talk to a young man who wants to go out, surely he will listen to me. I arrived when I was 18 and my wife was 17, and yes, we enjoy life.”

The league title race

“We have to go game by game. The League is very difficult, there are a lot of months left. We keep working, we’re on the right track. Let’s keep going. We’ve already seen a lot of things and we have to respect our coworkers. It’s not about how it starts, but how it ends.”

An injury to Mbappé on 9-M?


“I don’t see him at Madrid because I don’t know the future.

“You shouldn’t wish anything bad on anyone” (yes, he was asked whether he hopes Mbappe picks up an injury). “I think that if we win we have to do it for ourselves, not because someone is missing. For the good of the sport, all the players have to be there. May the best win”.

Signing for Real Madrid and his relationship with David Beckham and Roberto Carlos

“I came with my agent, initially to get to know Valdebebas. My things were in Fluminense. I told my girlfriend. I traveled, I saw the Ciudad Deportiva, I saw Beckham, and they sent me to the Bernabéu. They take me to a store to get a a tailored suit, which I had never worn in my life, and when I arrived the contract was there. I didn’t think twice, I signed, but it was all very fast. Capello asked me if I wanted to stay until Christmas, but I turned back to Brazil because I was a little scared.

“Beckham was the most impressive, because he was more than a footballer, he was a star. Roberto Carlos, Sergio, Van Vistelrooy, Salgado, Raúl, Casillas... It was hard for me to speak Spanish at first, imagine English, but Beckham and everyone were very nice. Raúl, who was the captain, treated me and my family very well.

“I was speechless when I met Roberto Carlos. He helped me a lot, he took me home for Christmas. He was my idol when I was little, maybe he doesn’t know it, but for me he was very big.”

La Decima

“It was my first final and it was also the Tenth, it was the greatest pressure of all. We conceded a goal and then many crosses and corners. When Luka crossed for the winner, I put myself in front for the rebound, I look at the ball and at the center, Ramos wasn’t looking at the ball. He heads, the ball bounces and goes in. But in my head it was all in slow motion. It was unbelievable.

“The pressure of a Champions League final is from another world. Before each final I couldn’t sleep, it’s a lot of pressure. Then in the match the nerves go away. It’s also very nice to represent your country, I’m a Brazilian playing in Europe. In the final against Juve, I was at the table with Cristiano, Pepe, Casemiro and Danilo, trying to eat and I couldn’t eat, and everyone was quiet. Cristiano asked and we all said yes, we couldn’t swallow.”

Relationship with Sergio Ramos

“For me he is an older brother, he helped me a lot in my career, within the club. I remember one day I was very nervous, after winning the Champions League, and he told me to go up to La Cibeles to put on the scarf. But it’s a moment for him. I said no because I was shit, but in the end I went up. That photo says a lot, I will always be grateful to him”.

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