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Xavi: “Maybe it can be said that we’re back. It is a day to enjoy and celebrate.”

Barcelona’s manager speaks on the commanding 4-0 Clasico win

Real Madrid v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Barcelona manager Xavi called for celebration following the club’s dominant 4-0 victory in El Clasico on Sunday in a post-match press conference.

“Maybe it can be said that we are back. It is a day to enjoy and celebrate. In the recent past we didn’t have many joys. We have struck a blow on the table. It can be said that we are coming back. We have competed against a whole Real Madrid, in their field. The game was spectacular, and we could have scored more goals. We could have gone for a fifth. I’m excited about how they play and how they train. We have been much better than Real Madrid. It’s a day to enjoy. These are moments of celebration. The match was spectacular. It’s a day to enjoy. I’m a coach and a Cule.”

“I’m happy, happy, satisfied by all of Barça. It can change the dynamics of the present and the future. We have looked for the back of their interiors. We’ve had personality. Bravery. I have asked them not to lose silly balls. We’ve had the game under control. The wardrobe is a family. You can compete by playing this way.”

He looked at both the past and future for his club as Sunday’s win drew comparisons to another dominant Clasico win for Barca with a 6-2 score back in 2009. He said Barcelona cannot become complacent with another statement win and must looks towards the matches to come.

“It can be compared. We have been far superior, in goals and in the game. We leave with a smile from ear to ear.”

“We have to keep working. It’s not a title. You have to be humble. We celebrate it today and then we have to rest and think about Sevilla. That’s three more points. I don’t think it will win us LaLiga, it’s very difficult. But today it’s a big blow. First the Champions league places and then it will be seen. This strengthens the project. The objectives have not yet been met. We must continue.”

Xavi finished with strong words about valuing the win for the team over valuing the win for the individual as manager. He says that there must be a demand for good performance if good results are to follow in the future.

“I feel this club and I’m going to celebrate and enjoy it. I’m enjoying it. Winning 0-4 reinforces me. I’m a newbie. There is no doubt. Barcelona must compete by playing this way. But I don’t need any glory. I don’t feel a personal victory, it’s a group, a team, a family, a Barça victory. I don’t want personal glory; I want it for the Barça family.”

“Today it was 0-4, but another day we will go 1-0 and losing a ball can be losing the game. There have been times when I’ve been. If there is no demand, there are no results.”

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