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The Pain Lessens! with a Fresh Ice Pack Tuesday!

International Friendly Germany v Switzerland Photo by Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images

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Now that we have woken up and gotten a whiff of the nasty morning coffee. Well, what a memory of the black kit. One to tell the kids at night. The day we wore the black kits to the Clasico. Anyways, next up is Celta Vigo, we’ll be looking to bounce back from this loss with renewed minds.


This Clasico loss will only have an effect on us in the league if we start losing and dropping points in the remaining games we have left to play. We have 9 La Liga games left in the season = 2 CL games vs Chelsea. We can’t afford any such upsets. So keep your head up Madridistas!


It’s one thing to not have a set system of play for the team, but it’s another to not have even a plan B. Our board and Uncle Flo aren’t responsible for that, the coach is. And fans need to realize that we can’t keep running off the fumes of Benzema & Modric. Benzema won’t be around every game and Modric won’t be the same every game. Common sense. I’m sure a lot of you thought Modric was back after that PSG match, as you went on about how he rolled back the clock etc. Only for the clock to fast forward back to the reality that he is not the same player he was at 27, which is normal but we need to move on from him and fasst! and stop delaying the inevitable. KCM glory days will always be behind them, they may show spurts of their old selves every now and then, but that’s fools gold. But don’t think for one second think those 3 are the prime musketeers they used to be. You’d be deceiving yourselves.


El Clasico player ratings. El Clasico post game podcast. Xavi thinks his club is back due to us giving them false hope. They’ll soon smell the coffee too.

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