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Panucci: “Real Madrid made a mistake selling Theo Hernandez”

The former Real Madrid defender talked in an interview with AS.

Christian Panucci of Real Madrid

Former Real Madrid defender Christian Panucci talked about the past, present and future of the club in an interview with AS. Panucci was a starter in La Septima and also conquered a Liga title with the team.

“Real Madrid are handling their roster very well, they’ve got a great coach in Ancelotti. They’re leading the table in La Liga and managed to beat PSG in the Round of 16, it’s hard to ask more from them right now,” he said.

Panucci was then asked about Mbappe’s potential signing for the club.

“I don’t know if he will come, but if he does he is surely a Top3 player in the world, he would definitely improve the squad and become the world’s best player in Madrid,” he explained.

Then, the Italian defender explained why he thinks the club made a mistake when they decided to sell left-back Theo Hernandez, who has become a crucial player for AC Milan after struggling during his first few seasons in Madrid.

“Yes, they definitely made a mistake with Theo because I think that he’s simply the best left-back out there. Sometimes you have to make a decision and Theo has become the best two or three years after selling him,” he concluded.

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