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PSG sporting director Leonardo: “We will do everything possible to keep Mbappe”

Another day another report on Mbappe’s contract situation

Paris Saint-Germain v AS Saint-Etienne - Ligue 1 Photo by John Berry/Getty Images

PSG sporting director Leonardo shot down the reports about the club offering forward Kylian Mbappe a ‘mega-contract’ extension this summer in an interview with L’Equipe via MARCA. The reported deal claimed PSG was willing to offer up to one million euros per week.

“It is not true. We have not sent a specific offer. There is an important element: I think the last thing we will put in this contract will be money. We want to put him in the best conditions to make him the best player possible.”

“We have hardly ever spoken about money. Because it’s not about that. Kylian has such a great value that I think that is secondary. I think that to put the amount, it would take two minutes.”

Leonardo also gave his thoughts about where he believes Mbappe’s mind is leaning towards. He believes Mbappe is increasingly interested in staying in Paris past this summer given the lack of French superstars that have played for PSG or in Ligue 1 in the past.

“More and more [he wants to stay at PSG]. It’s a question of feeling. The French player, when he is a starter, aims to play abroad. It’s no coincidence that in the 1998 world champion team you had a majority of players who played abroad.”

“Same in 2018, Kylian was the only one of the eleven who played in France. Pogba and Griezmann have never played in Ligue 1, Zidane has made his career more abroad than in France.

“But at the time, there was no club the size of PSG. We are not sellers. The feeling in the stadium on Saturday was magnificent. Something is being created, not just for him.”

Leonardo finished with a discussion about the possibility of extending Mbappe this summer. He says the club’s front office will do anything it can to keep him and prevent him from leaving for Real Madrid past June 30.

“There is a reality [in terms of valuing Mbappe]. Kylian is the best player in the world today. Messi has always been at this level, and for me he’s still at this level, but it’s normal for new players to get there too. It’s not about judging who is better. One is 23, the other is 34.”

“I can’t say what will happen, but we have possibilities. As long as there is no signature, we will try everything, we will do everything possible to keep him. I don’t think it will be decided by the result against Real Madrid.”

“We have a next generation, we have young people in training, we want to make other investments. What Qatar has done for ten years has brought PSG among the greats. Today, the club is a reality. It is loved, admired and respected.”

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