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PHEW! One Down, One More To Go!

I hope you remember this picture again...this is the second time i’m posting this as a thread cover. I could be on to something,
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That match should’ve been 7-3 Man City. They should’ve killed us and this tie in the first half. Thankfully Mahrez and Foden choked a lot in front of goal and were also largely unlucky. Credit to Carvajal for stopping Foden on the rebound of that Mahrez shot that hit the bar. That goal that came from Mendy’s intercepted pass, i almost wanted to cry for him because the speed with which the City players knocked the ball back his way, by the time Mendy had turned around to try to clean up his mess...2 City players appeared out of thin air with lightening speed, breathing down his neck with Fernandinho escaping away with the ball for that nice cross to Foden. But shortly after, Vinicius got revenge for his teammate and later sent Fernandinho back to Brazil’s Seria B with a stunning solo goal. Pep is like that FIFA Career mode player that sets his games tactic/sliders to the far end in everything and then proceeds to sign and field all the regens with high OVR’s in the physical department. So everybody is fast, strong, can pass with lightening speed and technique and can also press tirelessly like mad dogs for 90 minutes. Pure Pep-ball at it’s peak.


We have got to stop playing like this. How many games have we come in looking serious and stayed serious the whole match? One minute we’re high up and the next we’re down and almost out. Anyways, Casemiro is the best DM in the world. Nuff said.


Vinicius is nearing the 20 goal mark (18), just 2 away. What a season the young forward is having. And he’s backed them with many crucial assists.


Benzema has crossed the 40 goal mark for the first time ever in his career. He now has 41 goals in all competitions this season. What a tremendous striker he is. The only other player to hit such a number since Cristiano in the last 10+ years. Lewandwoski, currently sits on 48 goals this season with 3 games in the Bundesliga to go.

Here is the European Golden Shoe Standings:

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