If I am the Coach of Real….

It was a very poor display of show by our defense by any standard during the first leg of semifinal. If a team sees that within first 10 minutes of the game they are already down by 2 goals then it will be really a serious psychological pressure for them. They will be mentally broken and disheartened. However, the way they could recover 3 goals is something amazing. It’s only because of our high quality offense. We know that our defense is one of the weak in Europe during last few years. But we could not get ridge of this. It’s because of dependency on some players for many years.

However, considering the last game in City, I would suggest whether we can make the team as follows for the second leg:

1. Defense: Mendi, Carvajal, Camvinga and Valverde;

2. Mid Field: Casimero, Kross/Modric, Jovic and Asensio;

3. Forward: Benzema and Vini Jr


1. Defense: Mendi, Carvajal, Camvinga and Casimero;

2. Mid Field: Valverde, Kroos/Modric, Jovic and Asensio;

3. Forward: Benzema and Vini Jr

I will bring Rodrigo after the half time considering the fresh legs needed. I would prefer not to include Militao and Alaba again (please refer to their ratings in the game). Militao sometimes is doing good and sometimes is totally frustrating. Alaba was totally horrible. I was expecting that we may have 10 goals against us after watching 10 minutes of the game. Fortunately that did not happen. From this, we need to take a lesson and prepare us accordingly. Also, we need to have a serious session with our goal keeper by showing the mistakes that he did during the first leg.

My objectives are to include some talented young in defense and mid fields. Otherwise, we will not be able to tackle the press by City here at our home. We need to press and press continuously and work on not to get any goal against us within first 30 minutes of the game. We need to have a positive result from the second leg. Thus, we cannot give any chance to City. Also, we need to take a note that City will come to our home with more dangerous players (those who could not play due to injury). They will be more powerful than us in the second leg. Jovic’s and Valverde’s job will be to take care of Foden and Maharej.