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AN MM ORIGINAL: The Devil And Luis Suarez!

The Devil And Luis Suarez. Long Story ahead

This is still the Open Thead! Feel free to discuss other stuff!


Today i want to talk to you about Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan. He’s just an example, not the main point. The time setting is 2014, there’s a world cup match between Uruguay and Italy. Uruguay win 1-0 but a strange thing has happened. The last notable physical altercation to happen between two players in an international match was when Zidane headbutted a player. But this time around, something more strange took it’s mantle and stronghold from the lips of football fans worldwide. A player got bitten. Not sure if it had ever happened on this large scale in football history and in front of billions of people watching that match and re-watching the highlights.

Suarez bit Chiellini, in a strange fit of rage and hunger combined. Long story short, he received a lengthy suspension that year from football’s governing body. But in the heat of it all were the Liverpool fans. No one would’ve blamed them if they decided to ditch him as punishment for his strange act. But on the contrary, they whole-heatedly took a strong stand behind their then lead striker. With Liverpool releasing an official statement that didn’t condone his actions but still loved and supported him. Holding true to their life virtue of never letting anyone walk alone, no matter the situation. Now, the light of Suarez had been shining in the Premier League for some time as he had become one of it’s best players and had won the hearts of Liverpool fans worldwide and the hearts of many other football fans. With many other top clubs coveting him to lead their front-line. He had just come off an individual league record setting season with Liverpool, which unfortunately ended in a near-miracle, heart-breaking loss of the then evasive league title.

The summer transfer window was open with a move to Madrid seemed to be almost finalized. But with his name in the press for all the wrong reasons, it caused our club to somehow take the high horse of morality and drift far away from him. Though he was top class in his craft, he was too hot to handle and the only other choices he had were to either stay home with Liverpool who loved him enough to forgive his sins and let him cement his legacy or move to Barcelona and start afresh. Far away from the English press that would’ve thrown his sins in his face constantly because men don’t forgive, neither do they forget. Even if they’re not the ones it happened to. Suarez ultimately had made his choice to abandon the Liverpool project under Brendan Rodgers, because he desired to win trophies, the trophies he felt at the time, he couldn’t win with Liverpool. As he couldn’t take another heartbreak on the way to glory. Despite the desperate pleas to stay and believe in their project once more by the legendary Liverpool midfielder, Steven Gerard. And the many heart cries of the anfield faithful to not leave ‘home’. But to the dismay of Gerard and the Anfield faithful, Suarez left for Barca.

Though he won trophies with Barcelona, a UCL and some league and copa del rey titles, with a treble in between. Further making his choice look to be a solid one. The moment his powers began to wane by virtue of father time and injuries, he was forcefully cast out of the blue, red & yellow castle. Called into the front office one august by new Barca manager, Ronald Koeman, and told he was no longer needed in a rather brutal fashion. His contract at Barca was terminated before its time, making him a free agent. It seemed mutual, but Suarez was left bitter, feeling chewed up and spat out before his time. Lamenting to the media in sorrow. To the tune of deaf ears.

They say in life, hindsight is 20/20. If Suarez had stayed on back in 2014, in the heat of it all. He would’ve still won himself a Premier League title and a Champions League trophy with Liverpool with the addition of better teammates. Though it came many years later at the rising of Salah. He would’ve only had to endure the the drought for some years but there was light at the end of the tunnel. And he would’ve probably had a much better exit from Liverpool than he did at Barca despite his accomplishments with Barca.

Sometimes it’s good to wait even when the circumstances aren’t in your favor. Suarez left Liverpool, got the trophies he wanted early but in the end was thrown out with kicking and screaming amid the corner taken quickly humiliating loss/es at the hands of his former club and bayern. Meanwhile Liverpool still got themselves not only a premier league title, but a CL trophy too.

If you were a player, would you go take the early trophy option? only to get thrown out by your club like a loser in the end or wait for it?


It’s 2014, you’re Suarez, What Career Options would you choose?

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  • 17%
    Go to Barca, Win trophies early in career with Messi & Neymar and ultimately get kicked out SHAMEFULLY at the end
    (99 votes)
  • 11%
    Stay at Liverpool, fight through the pain, Win trophies later in career with Salah and peacefully cement your legacy in the end
    (68 votes)
  • 6%
    If Suarez didn’t bite Chiellini in 2014, Benzema’s Real Madrid career would’ve ended much sooner
    (40 votes)
  • 9%
    Lewandowski going to Bayern in 2013 and Suarez biting Chiellini in 2014 successfully exended Benzema’s Real Madrid career
    (56 votes)
  • 54%
    Benzema is better than those two
    (319 votes)
582 votes total Vote Now

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