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Pulisic: “Obviously we got good results against them last year and we’re going to hope to do the same this year.”

The American answers questions about tomorrow’s game vs Real Madrid


Chelsea attacker Christian Pulisic spoke to the media today to help preview tomorrow’s massive Champions League quarter-final fixture vs Real Madrid. The American spoke about last season’s semi-final clash, the heavy 1 - 4 loss to Brentford, and more.

“It was obviously a tough one but maybe it was a bit of the kick we needed to get us ready for some really big games coming up,” Pulisic said of Chelsea’s loss to Brentford on Saturday. “The guys are definitely going to turn it around.

“We’re still going to be confident, as we should going into a game like this. It’s not going to be easy but hopefully that will mean we want to get back out there as soon as possible and try to win a big game.

“We’ve all been through moments like that before and we’re experienced as a team so it’s not a time to panic or take it with us into the next game.

“It was a crazy result but we’re just going to use it as fuel and turn around. Everyone at the club has handled it well so we’re going to do our best to react and bring it into these next games.’”

Pulisic was then asked whether Chelsea’s dominance over Real Madrid last season will give his team confidence to repeat the same kind of result this year.

“We should definitely take confidence,’ Pulisic said of what they’ll draw from last season’s duel. “Obviously we got good results against them last year and we’re going to hope to do the same this year.

“It’s a big team, it’s never going to be easy in a Champions League knockout game but knowing that we did it last season and went on to win it, we should feel confident. That’s our mindset going into it.

“There are some new players, a new coach and a new system that they might play,’ he conceded.

“There are maybe some similarities in the team too so we’ll continue to look at them and try to figure out the best way to play. We’ll talk about it and we’re going to be fully prepared for what they have.

“It should give us confidence, not over-confidence, but of course knowing that we were able to do it last season against some of the biggest teams in the world should definitely give us the experience and confidence that we need going into these games.”

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