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Chelsea post-game podcast will be live on Zoom after the game

Here’s how to get in on the action


You know the drill: Champions League big night = epic Zoom post-game podcasts. We broke records on the PSG 2nd-leg post-game podcast, so we’ve increased our Zoom capacity this time around.

We’ll be at both legs of the Chelsea tie thanks to our two chief editors. Kiyan Sobhani will be at the first leg at Stamford Bridge, and Lucas Navarrete will be at the second leg at the Bernabeu. Follow them both on Instagram for behind-the-scenes from both games and pressers: @KiyanSo / @LucasNavarreteM

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night, about two hours after the game ends. To get access to the Zoom link, you need to be a Patron, so we suggest signing up ahead of time over on The direct link to the Zoom call is here.

Book your tickets to these cities on the Managing Madrid Podcast world tour:

Chicago, April

Mumbai, May

Toronto, May

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