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Open Thread : 16 May 2022

Monday Edition of The Daily Merengue

The Daily Merengue is a place where you can feel free to discuss all things football. Do not be alarmed by the overt RMCF bias. It’s in the name!

Shoutout to the mods who do a fantastic job, Valyrian Steel, Kung Fu Zizou, Ezek lx, NeRObutBlanco and YoSnail.

Only a draw, but Kroos...what a player:

• 129 touches.

• 113/118 passes completed (96%).

• 17/17 long passes completed.

• 4 chances created.

• 6/10 duels won.

• 6 defensive actions

Benzema is the best French player of the year who plays abroad.

The award was given by the UNFP - France’s National Union of Professional Football Players. Real Madrid published the news in their website.

Mbappe will announce his future in days!

The player has said: “I will officially announce my decision on the future before I join the France national team in June.” He also would have said: “It’s over. There are a few details left, but it’s over!” Some sources are saying he will announce his decision between 21th May and 28th May.