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Mbappe is still hearing out PSG’s offer; saga still not over — report

This may not end as quickly as Mbappe promised


Kylian Mbappe announced at the French players’ union ceremony on Sunday that he would announce his decision “well before” joining the French National Team for international duty at the end of the month and also went on to say: “I will give my decision very quickly; it’s almost over.. My choice is almost made.”

However, that promise may not be kept judging on what’s unfolding now.

Mbappe met with PSG’s representatives in Qatar today, and while Real Madrid continues to remain confident on signing the French superstar (they have a verbal agreement with him), PSG remain equally optimistic.

A report in Marca today states that Mbappe has an economic agreement with PSG in place, but the issue with them was never about finances, but rather his belief (or lack thereof) in PSG’s project. What the Parisians are trying to convince him of now is that the sporting vision will be clear and exciting. The report states that Mbappe has asked for an overhaul of how things are done, and that he does not believe in Leonardo, PSG’s sporting director. Today’s meetings was about PSG working with Mbappe’s concerns.

We may not get an answer to this saga until June.

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