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Javier Tebas on Mbappe: “I think he will be at Real Madrid”

The president of La Liga also spoke about Financial Fair Play

Premios AS Del Deporte 2021 - Red Carpet Photo by Irina R. Hipolito / AFP7 via Getty Images

La Liga president Javier Tebas gave an interview at Marca Sport Weekend, and in the conversation, he spoke about several topics, including Kylian Mbappe’s fate, PSG’s financial situation, and a lot more, including whether or not Barcelona can actually sign Robert Lewandowski or not. (Spoiler: He says they can’t.)

We’ve included the relevant Real Madrid parts of the interview below.

On Kylian Mbappe

“I think he will be at Real Madrid, but one day he is white, another black, he changes sides... but I think he’ll be at Real.

”I have read twists and turns so many times... not unexpected, because there are always twists. The feeling I have is that if he had wanted to renew he would have already done so, but I could be wrong.”

On PSG’s financial situation

“PSG is going to end this year with 650 million euros of wage bill, with 300 million in losses, and is still going to make a mega-million offer to Mbappe?

“....This cannot be. If Real Madrid, which is the best managed team during the pandemic , which has not lost money during the pandemic, which has significant reserves, which possibly, and I hope, will be European champion... it cannot be that a team that has lost 300 million with a wage bill of 600 million that does not generate even books can take away a player of that level, it can’t be.

“From 2024 it will be impossible in the Champions League. With the French financial Fair Play it could not be possible either. On top of that, the state controls it. But well, it will be necessary... not even with the current financial Fair Play should it be possible. There is even more data from PSG’s 20-21 season. They have declared 290 million euros in commercial income, if I remember correctly. And Real Madrid declared 260. It is impossible for PSG to have more commercial income than Real Madrid, Manchester United or even Barcelona”.

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