In Fairness to Mbappe (2 min read)

In Fairness to Mbappe ... he still has to play with PSG and train with them for one more weekend!

I don't think he did the wrong thing by discussing with both sides and trying to appease PSG until the last minute. It is what any of us would do if we had wise council.

Imagine doing the opposite ... the kicks you would get in training! The ire of the already radical PSG fans ... if you missed it then perhaps do some research on this topic.

Lionel Messi, Neymar booed by Paris Saint-Germain fans

Credit NY Post (PSG fans booing fans ... and protesting constantly)

So in simple game theory Mbappe is just doing what he has to in order to maintain a relationship with PSG until he leaves.

In a few weeks or months this will all be over and forgiven and everyone besides PSG will be lauding Mbappe and his family on how professional they handled this transfer saga. If you look at Messi' transfer to PSG that was fraught with confusion and sniping in the media and from all parties. This by comparison is tame with Mbappe's family just saying in essence "chill". They can't control the media or fan expectations etc.

I believe Mbappe will be one of us next season and we will all be choosing Rodyrgo over Mbappe on Fifa ! ... joking !

So relax and forget the media till the announcement either way for a 23 year old he has handled this extremely well and professionally.

Hala Madrid !