Real Madrid vs Liverpool is the big match coming up this Saturday, the battle of the titans, the War for European Royalty as some might call it, it’s going to be a very intriguing game and will be decided by the fine margins.

Especially the wings of both teams are where the threat and weaknesses lies, Vinicuis Jr and Ferland Mendy vs TAA and Mo Salah.

Let’s start with Los Blancos Left v Red’s Right

Vini Jr has been in sublime form this season with 21 goals and 20 assists all season he certainly has improved a lot under Don Carlo, his pacey runs and ability to dribble through 3-4 players has come in really handy for Real, also his partnership with Benzema has been on another level, while partnering him at the left back position is Ferland Mendy, his defensive record is very good but he has to improve going forward.

While the opposite can be said about the Liverpool’s Right Back TAA, he is just on another level going forward but can improve defensively, his partnership with Mo salah and understanding is just too good for last 3-4 seasons now and can be a huge issue for Real Madrid and will be interesting to see how they handle it.

When Real Madrid met Liverpool in last season’s Champions League, in first leg Vini Jr surely flipped TAA and showed what Vini can do if you’re not compact Defensively, but TAA surely made a good comeback second leg but yet Vini Jr was able to get behind TAA.

If TAA is going to stay up the field as he usually does with Mo Salah, then a through ball from Ferland Mendy or Vini Jr to Benzema will help Los Blancos to get behind Liverpool’s defence, or something like what we saw against Man City in Semi Final first leg, how easily Vini got pass Fernandinho, but if TAA can take a lesson from the books of Reece James or Kyle Walker as both of them were mostly able to put a stop to Vini’s run then there will a interesting battle on that wing.

Also Ferland Mendy has capabilities to stop Mo Salah but even he has done mistakes in the past which led to goals and as we all know Mo Salah will require only one chance to capitalize on mistakes and can be a huge impact on deciding which side the game will bend.

Please do comment your views on this, Let's win the 14th Hala Madrid!!