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Roberto Carlos: “It is always special to come back to Paris, where we won the 8th in 2000”

The Brazillian also speaks about whether or not the club should extend Marcelo, and a ton more in a massive interview

REAL MADRID - VALENCIA CF 3:0; Photo by Henri Szwarc/Bongarts/Getty Images

Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos gave a lengthy interview to Marca which was fascinating and thorough. The Brazilian spoke about his time helping Real Madrid win the Champions League in Paris in 2000, the pressure players face in finals, Marcelo’s career, and more:

The 2000 final in Paris

“Well, we are ready to live the final. It is always special to come back here, where we won the Eighth in 2000. It is a privilege for me to be able to accompany the team.

“In finals, I was always calm, but it is true that we had pressure. In the Seventh we were not good in La Liga and we had not won the European Cup for 32 years, so imagine. And opposite of us: Zidane’s Juve.

“In the Eighth, we had not qualified for the European Cup via League. And then the Ninth, as for the rival, Leverkusen was the one that gave us the most uncertainty, because we did not know what we were going to find and also we didn’t know what motivation we were going to have, because we had already won two.

“I am sure that the players who won the last four have seen many videos of our time to know how important the Champions League is in Madrid. In our time, what we did in all these games was to match the rival in motivation, because we are better in quality. If we match in motivation, the chances of winning are very high.

“I am Brazilian... And Brazilians are very calm. We had pressure, but we took it off playing in the locker room, laughing... The most beautiful moment in a footballer’s career is reaching the final. Then winning is difficult and you don’t know what’s going to happen, but the journey and the days before it are the most beautiful. Reaching the final is the best there is.”

On his relationship with the current players

“Yesterday I was with them, talking, sharing things... but I miss the atmosphere in the locker room. But I’m not complaining, I’m lucky enough to travel with them, to eat with them... The club gives me the opportunity to be with the players, to be able to talk to them, ask them for information about their condition... I’ve done something good in the football and in Madrid to be so close to them.

“I get along with everyone, but above all I talk to young people. I also talk to Kroos, Nacho, Karim... but I focus on the youngsters. In each game the motivation is different. In some you hardly have to talk at all, but in others that may seem calmer I start telling them my stories and they laugh a lot.

On Marcelo’s career, and whether or not he should be renewed

“His career is better than mine. Sure, amazing. He is an example on and off the field. He’s a leader. I feel happy to have seen Marcelo grow up. What he has done here and in Brazil is spectacular.

“I’d wait and see what the president wants to do. Everyone loves Marcelo and he has done everything to be at the club.

On the similarities between Carlo Ancelotti and Vicente del Bosque

“Ancelotti has a lot of history. He has won everything, he is modern, charismatic... If there is a good combination between the player and the coach, you will always win.

“He and Del Bosque are very similar and champions. When the season ends, he’s the first person you’re going to hug. It’s not easy being a coach, choosing eleven... Having coaches like that is worth it.

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