What Next for Us?

Players Ratings:

My recent observations suggest that players’ rating of Militao and Mendy were always given high with one-eye focus during last few months by Managing Madrid. This has been proved from the ratings of UEFA Championship Final of Valverde where he was THE only player who played in the whole field and who has given everything of him in that day. He was also the playmaker of our goal. But his rating is one of the poorest.

Militao still needs to learn defending in a good way. Mendy is very slow to pass the ball as well as tackle.

The Aging Complexities:

This has become very realistic that the young talents throughout the world will not be interested to join Real Madrid Academy or others while they will always think that if they come and play for Academy they will not be considered for main team. Rather if they play for academies of Dortmund or Monaco someday they will be at Real Madrid main team player with high price tag for their talents. This is also the same for the coaches of our academy.

Serious Question:

I cannot find answer on why we are still keeping the wage bill so high with the presence of Bale, Hazard, Isco, Marcelo and others. Our defense vanguard is all with high age bracket as well as midfield except Valverde and Camavinga. Hazard is a serious hazard for the club. His contribution to the club is almost zero. How long he will be there at Real Madrid is anybody guess? I know that some of them were our engines for all our recent successes and legends of the club. But at the end of the day, we have to think that it’s not charity. A club is operating with its own income and this will only be ensured based on the continuous successes and plans.


Anybody can find answer of a question on who are the players playing with high intensity in the club now and it will be Vini II, Rodrygo, Valverde, Camavinga, Jovic, and Asensio. I cannot find many more from my own research. In this way it will be difficult for us to continue our supremacy in the near future. We should keep it in mind that a player will be matured through continuous processes of training, counseling and communication on the club culture, values, playing style, association, commitment and others and it will take atleast 2-3 years to get right output from him.

Making the Academy for Supplier of Resources:

I think we should develop an academy that will supply us atleast 50% of the talents for our future. If we buy all the talents from outside and give them direct entry to the main team then there is no need for academy.

Wasting time and Resources:

The case of Mbappe should give us enough experiences on how to organize negotiations with a player who is negotiating at the same time with his current club as well as with an outside club. This way a player will only raise his salaries and other benefits from his existing club and at the end will make us the fools of the centuries. Rather we could manage our resources in a better way if we could give time for Halland and the player/young striker that City has hired from Argentina recently. We should also consider another factor on how much time we should give for a negotiation with a player. It should not be for years after years.

I should remind the Board of Real Madrid that the game of old players will at best be for another year.