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Open Thread: May 8, 2022

Your Madrid Derby issue of the Daily Merengue!

Real Madrid Training Session
Here’s a picture of Lord Vallejo defending the great Karim
Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

The Madrid Derby is Back

It’s easy to forget amongst the UCL comebacks and the countdown to the final, but we’re actually playing Atletico today! The match may hold less weight due to the LL title race being over already, but hey, does the derby ever really hold less weight? I’m hoping for two things here; That we get the win, but also that our players remain safe. As we know, Atletico play a mixture of football and Shaolin Kung Fu.

The MM crew has brought to you:

Won’t Believe it till I See it

I mean, I’d love to but... you know...

Ah yes, Courtois, the 8th best GK in the world...”

Never Gets Old

Speaking of Kung Fu, this’ll Never Get Old Either

Enjoy the game and may the Madridismo be with ya all.

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