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Loading: Luka Modric!

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Modric slaying the dark, nefarious forces that crept out of the vile catacombs of France.

Once you sign for Madrid as a regular starter, you don’t want to ever leave. You want to stay, play and start for as long as you can. But as the popular quote from Batman goes “Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. The later of the quote has plagued many of our legends twilight years at our club. In times past, Many great names who strode the green, lush and luxurious valleys of the Santiago Bernabeu vowed that by the sheer power of their might, they would retire here and that they could play at the top level well past their 30’s. Only to be proven wrong by their own bodies, the ever changing game of football and ultimately time itself. And to the ire of the many fans that once chanted their names in glory but later have to chant and curse out their names in fury for their elongated stay in decline.

Luka Modric: A General Amongst Men!

But at an age where it’s time for club and player to depart and move on from their pro-longed love story. Contrary to history, Luka Modric so far has not become the villain of his own story the longer he’s stayed with us. And he’s done so by remaining in top form post 30. There was a time back in 2019-2020 where his age began to show and it seemed like father time had finally risen to call back Modric’s talents and abilities honed over the years. But somehow, the valiant Croatian has beat the odds once again and delayed any signs of decline.

WHAT DOES NEXT SEASON HOLD FOR MODRIC? Will he be able to continue at a high level or will it finally be time to go?

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