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WATCH: Real Madrid’s tribute video to Marcelo

A club legend deserves a legendary video.

Real Madrid legend Marcelo Viera bid farewell to the club of his life today after winning 25 titles and becoming the most decorated player in club history. Real Madrid scheduled an emotional event for the player today, who also talked to the media and reviewed his career as a madridista.

The club also put together an emotional tribute video displaying the most notable highlights of Marcelo’s 16-year career in the Spanish capital. His goals, his play making ability and his charisma are all very noticeable in this video, which you can watch above.

Marcelo said that he’s not considering retirement, so it will be interesting to see where he plays next. Either way, he wrote his name among not only the club’s greatest players but also alongside the best men to ever play the game, as he’s arguably a top-3 left-back in the history of world football.