Worthy to Value the Forward Plan

Serious Planning Problem:

I think we have serious planning problem. We knew for few months that there will be delay of Spanish Passport for Vini Jr or Rodrigo. Why we did not take proper management system in place to correct it ahead of time such that we could buy Darwin Nunez (a young gem in the market tuning to our requirements of hiring future talent)?

I know football is a very dynamic industry. There will be lots of changes, ups-and-down, injuries, changes of players’ rating/health and many other issues of concern. Where is our Risk Management Planning Matrix that may guide us to recover? We should not always depend on the brain of a successful businessman. Rather make us sustainable and independent.

But the time has come where we need to create an environment with updated information all the time that would help us to understand the whole scenario very quickly and take preventive actions accordingly.

We made at long last a bold step towards our future through establishing a pillar of standby supporting colleagues in the midfield, ie, bringing three young talents to provide oxygen to old players in the midfield. The biggest question comes on how long we will keep such a huge list of unreliable and underperforming players in the defense, midfield and offense where we are just giving them salaries and other benefits and are not able to utilize their capacity for our crucial purposes? Is it just on their fake words of coming next year in a strong way? Do we believe in business? We have to understand the reality that we would never be able to compete with the Premier League due to its worth in rest of the world and as such the premier league clubs would always make abnormal benefit from playing football only! And we would never be able to compete with them financially. As such we need to be very careful in planning our business. Thus the questions come:

What is our plan for Defense at current stage?

What is our plan for Offense in the same tune?

This must be our green project atleast upto 2030 until there is AI to change the whole scenario!

Saving an Academy and Making it also the Best in the World:

Monaca is selling a player to us with 100 million. Borussia Dortmund and others are doing the same. But we are shamefully so complacent that we dare to make our academy even a good one. We are still very much a moron to understand the philosophy why a Production Centre should be the best with high quality management system in sourcing of players, recruitment, growing and building them upto the 100 million worth, and using them for our internal and external purposes. May I ask when we would be able to sell a player in the market with a price tag of 100 million? How long we will be the guinea pig of all these clubs of Monaco, Borussia and others when they will listen that we are interested in one of their players then they will automatically build a flag list of several clubs intentionally to get abnormal price from us and make us the fool of the world?