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Florentino Perez: “We have the best 9 in the world and we weren’t going to bring Haaland to have him on the bench”

The club president gave a lengthy interview to El Chiringuito

Real Madrid Celebrates The Uefa Champions League In Madrid Photo By Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez gave a lengthy and thorough interview tonight on Spanish TV program El Chringuito, where he spoke about almost everything: Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, transfers, the new Bernabeu, the European Super League, and a ton more.

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On Kylian Mbappe’s decision

“He changed his mind, they offer him other things, they put pressure on him... There is no one at Real Madrid above the club. He is a great footballer, he can win more than others but it is a collective sport and we have values ​​and principles that we cannot change. I love him, he made an effort and the pressure made him change his circumstances and it’s not easy. I think his mother wanted him to come to Real Madrid because it was his dream as a little boy. They say that the mother has been embarrassed.

”It cannot be done — the pre-contract cannot be signed. You have to go to the club that you enter into negotiations with a player and that would cause him a great disturbance and the most sensible thing was to end it. PSG would make it public and it would be a very difficult added pressure to bear. The Mbappé who was going to come here is not this one. If so, I prefer him to stay at PSG. I want the one from the dream. Impossible in three years? In three years all bald... This Mbappé is not my Mbappé, who refuses to do a publicity act with his national team... I don’t want that. It could have been a slip but I think they have confused him.

”He sent me a message with his decision and I answered him. I could already see that he was not the Mbappé that I wanted. No player in the history of Real Madrid has been above the others and this is a collective game. We are not going to make any signing that puts the group at risk.

“He extended and for whatever reason he changed his mind. It is not easy for the President of the Republic, the mayor of Paris, to call you and for you to leave. And then in Qatar they offer you some things that drive you a little crazy, they offer you a disproportionate influence on the sporting aspect for a player...”

On not signing Erling Haaland

“We have the best 9 in the world and we weren’t going to bring Haaland to have him on the bench, right? Clause in two years? I don’t know. Now we have no more interest than forming the new team with the youngsters we have and some reinforcements”.

On the rest of the transfer window

“For the moment we have stopped, because we don’t have any more room. Now all the work remains, which is July and August, to see which players come out... Asensio? The sports director is José Ángel, he will decide.”

On Carlo Ancelotti’s work

“I told him thank you for coming. The atmosphere this year is very good, a great atmosphere, a man who treats all the players very well.. There is a great physical preparation too.

”There is an example in the game against City and the veterans are off the field and the kids are playing and they are encouraging them, so that they score the second and that communion between young people, veterans and the public is something magical “

On the new Bernabeu

“The stadium is in the best place in Madrid. We play 26 or 27 games a year and it occurred to us that we are going to open that central place and make it the largest entertainment center in Europe. It will be a an important source of income for us. If it had been on the outskirts, it wouldn’t have been possible. We’ve taken advantage of the location. We’ve made an agreement with the stadium operation company because they know how to do it, which is very good”

On Aurelien Tchouameni

“Tchaouméni said that Mbappé asked him if he wanted to go to PSG and he said no. That happens many times, when there are contracts It’s easy, they talk, there are several clubs, PSG, Liverpool and Madrid have wanted him as far as I know”.

On the European Super League

“Of course it is still alive, right now there is a question in the Luxembourg Court, there will be a hearing shortly and it will rule on the issues that we have raised. We believe that we have the right, within the European Community, to organize competitions between us, with UEFA. We understand that UEFA is a monopoly and in that Europe of 27 a pillar is that of competition”.

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