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Rüdiger 22: 21 June 2022

Tuesday Edition of the Daily Merengue

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Rüdiger is 22

Rüdiger had two number options: 12 and 22 (previously used by Marcelo and Isco). His choice was the “double 2”. The player said in his press-conference:

Number 2 is Carvajal’s, so I took number 22. I wasn’t thinking of the pressure of number 12. 22 just looks nice.

A short video of his official presentation that happened yesterday:

So...who will take the #12?

Marcelo left Real and now his number 12 is, so far, the only spot available. Apparentely, there would be no more signings, unless there are departures. The main candidates to leave are: Jovic, who is rummored to be loaned out to Fiorentina, and Asensio and Ceballos, as they contracts end in 2024 and Real do not want to lose them for free. There are also other players returning from loan, for instance Odriozola. Will he stay and take the #12?

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