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VIDEO: Managing Madrid’s questions to Ancelotti and Courtois

Watch Real Madrid’s coach and goalkeeper answer questions about pre-season and the Champions League Final.

The above video is a clip from today’s press conference — the first of the season — where Carlo Ancelotti and Thibaut Courtois took questions from the media. Our chief editor, Kiyan Sobhani, asked Ancelotti about things the team can improve on, and Courtois about his Champions League final performance and where it ranks for him. The answers are also transcribed below.

Carlo Ancelotti:

“I think that in this pre-season we are working to put the team in the best condition for the first game of the season. We have new players, we have to be able to adapt them to our system, to our strategy, to our philosophy.

“Also, if you look at the Champions League, we have a lot of possibility to improve our quality and attitude. to try to do better compared to last season. It’s easy because last season was an exceptional and extraordinary season.

“But in our minds, it’s to improve. In the system now we are more confident, we have more, knowledge in our system. We have the squad now to to play in different kinds of systems. I’m not sure now which system will be the best for us, but in some games we can use different systems or strategies.”

Thibaut Courtois:

“For me, yeah, definitely the Champions League Final was one of my best performances I think. Obviously I also had one outstanding one against Brazil in the World Cup but obviously it was just a quarter final so it was a bit different. That final and winning that trophy for sure is one of my better games.”

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