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Modric: “Real Madrid is the greatest, above all the players and it will always be that way”

Champions League Round of 16”Paris Saint-Germain v Real Madrid” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

In an interview with Sportske, A Croatian sports media outlet, Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric spoke about Kylian Mbappe’s decision this summer, Real’s comeback vs PSG, and more.

On Kylian Mbappe’s decision

“Mbappé decided what he decided, that is his right and now he lives with that decision. We all thought he would come with us, it didn’t happen... and now what? Well, we are not going to crucify him. Mbappé is a great player, but as I always repeat, in any context, no footballer is more important than the club. Real Madrid is the greatest, above all the players and it will always be that way”.

“It is possible that in a few years Mbappé will come. According to football logic, which was valid until the pressure of the socio-political and interest environments in Paris, Mbappé would probably follow his old desire to play for Real Madrid. As much as it seems now, especially to disillusioned fans, that ties have been severed, things can happen again.”

On Real Madrid’s comeback vs PSG

“It was rare to see Messi, after so many Clásicos, in another shirt. With Neymar and Mbappé they are a collection of talent. But we are Real Madrid and when we find our rhythm, with the fantastic support of the fans, we simply crushed them. It was a spectacular night, one of the most impressive for me, and I have experienced many at Real Madrid. Since that victory, the public’s and the environment’s perception of our potential in the Champions League changed completely. The skepticism disappeared. Objectively speaking, the way we reacted against PSG showed everyone, especially us, that we had a say in the competition.”

On Sergio Ramos’s departure

“All the departures of players with whom you share years in very successful times are painful. For everyone. After nine years Sergi is gone. From the first day he was close to me, he helped me adapt to Real Madrid, he encouraged me. He believed in my potential... We became great friends, our families got together, we spent the summers together. We still talk to each other every day, at least through messages. I miss hanging out with him, but that’s the way things are in football.”

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