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Drawing Board: Peter Parker, Vinicius Jr, Bane

Welcome to our drawing board. A few times per month, our resident cartoonist, Finn, will sling out some dope and exclusive art for you — usually on the back of a big moment that’s captured our attention in the Real Madrid world. Here’s this week’s drawing, and if you ever want to look back at Finn’s previous (and amazing) work, just check out our Drawing Board page.

Recently, on the eighth day of pre-season, Antonio Pintus brought back the COSMED K4b2 Portable Metabolic System masks to training, which the Real Madrid players wearing during their fitness drills in order to simulate training at high altitudes.

The masks are designed to restrict the entry and exit of air through various valves.

In this week’s drawing, Finn depicts what everyone was thinking: Everyone looks badass wearing those things, especially with their sleeveless training tees, almost like Bane from Batman:

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