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Casemiro: “Vini and Rodrygo know that I am the one that pulls their ear”

The Brazilian gave a lengthy interview on his start at Real Madrid, how the team manages UCL ties, his influence on the younger Brazilians. and his intention for the future.

Real Madrid Pre-Season Training Session Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Carlos Henrique Casemiro is about to embark on his 9th season as a Real Madrid player. The Brazilian, now 30-years-old, is a veteran presence on the team and one of the leaders in the locker room. In an interview with Brazilian media, on the program, “Grande Círculo” featured on Sportv, the player went into detail on his Real Madrid career, influence on younger Brazilian players, and his intention for the future:

What was it like when you first arrived at Real Madrid?

“I first arrived at Real Madrid Castilla and the coach told me that I was going to lose 4kg (8.8 lbs). I thought it was a lot, but he said he was going to give me a diet and training plan. I ended up losing 6kg (13.2 lbs) in 15 days”

Does Real Madrid influence the players or do the players influence the greatness of Real Madrid?

“Of course the players do a lot, but for me, it’s the history of the club.”

How do you explain the performance in the Champions League?

“We know that if Rodrygo does not score at the end of the match, we wouldn’t have qualified. But we have been through that before, it is nothing different. We know how to manage these games. Did we score a goal or did we concede? No problem either way, the tranquility continues, it doesn’t unbalance our game.”


“Vinicius left Hazard on the bench. Hazard can steal his place at any time. He [Hazard] is training to play. If Vinicius lets his guard down, he’ll want Vinicius’ place”

Influence on the younger Brazilian players

“Vini and Rodyrgo know that I am the one that pulls their ear. I have even watched their interviews and critiqued them afterwards. I am always the one bringing them back to reality. They succeeded, they arrived, but now the challenge is to maintain and increase this level for many years”

Does the arrival of Tchouameni force Kroos or Modric out?

“Tell me how you are going to let go of Toni Kroos? How are you going to let go of Luka Modric? There is no way.”

Can you beat Marcelo in titles won with Real Madrid?

“Marcelo is not just an idol of the club, but he is an idol of the country. He is not just the biggest foreign winner in Real Madrid’s history, he is the biggest winner in the history of the club, period.”

Long term future

“I have a contract with Real Madrid until 2025. We know that no player is non-transferable, but today it is not a reality for me. My thought is only to stay at Real Madrid.”

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