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Mayoral’s agent: “If Madrid decides to make him a renewal offer, he will be super happy.”

Mayoral could still stay at Real Madrid

Real Madrid Pre-Season Training Session Photo by Antonio Villalba/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Borja Mayoral’s agent, Alejandro Camaño, has spoken to Spanish media outlet COPE about the future of the Spanish striker. Mayoral was close to signing with Getafe in the past few days, but nothing is official yet, and the possibility of staying at Real Madrid is still on the table — especially given that the club are in the market for a back-up to Karim Benzema.

“Borja enters the last year of his contract,” Camaño said. “He is very convinced to be a Real Madrid player and has personally decided to risk everything so that this last opportunity he has in his life can come about and he can become happy with Real Madrid. But it doesn’t depend only on him, it also depends on Real Madrid. He wanted to be in the preseason, Ancelotti treats him spectacularly well, the club has always had a lot of love for him and his teammates give him a lot of confidence. When the preseason is over, we’ll be in a position to make a decision.”

Camaño says that Mayoral’s goal is to convince Real Madrid’s manager that he can be important for the club next season and beyond.

“Ancelotti does not know Borja well enough and he will see him train, and we will see what his decision is in the end,” Camaño explained. “Borja is a young player and has been in the First Division for 7 years , which is a very important number. He wants to be where he is going to fit right. He can do whatever it takes to try to stay in Madrid but the club has to give the ok. We accept the situation and he is going to play all his chances. He has Real Madrid DNA and is very excited to stay. He wants to play the option of fulfill his dream.

“If Madrid decides to make him a renewal offer, he will be super happy. It’s like your mother telling you to come home.”

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