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Vazquez: “I’m going to do everything I can to make many more than 300 appearances for Real Madrid”

The Real Madrid veteran speaks about his career with the club in an interview with AS

UEFA Champions League final”Liverpool FC v Real Madrid” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

Real Madrid veteran Lucas Vazquez says he wants to make many more appearances with the club as he nears his 300th appearance in an interview with AS.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make many more appearances than that, but it’s a milestone that speaks volumes for the work I’ve put in over the years. I’m really pleased.”

“When I returned to Madrid, I was still just a kid. I was coming back to the club after a year playing top-flight football with Espanyol, having enjoyed a great opportunity over there after leaving Castilla. When I came back, my aim was to be at Madrid for many years and to work tooth and nail to achieve that. I’m really happy with the career I’ve had here, and I hope it continues for many more years to come.”

Vazquez joined the Real Madrid youth academy from Ural in 2007. He made his debut with the first team in 2015 and has been a core fixture of the squad since. His main feature is his versatility, being able to be used as both a forward and fullback.

He says he was not keen on playing as a defender at first, but has come to enjoy it as he becomes more accustomed to the position.

“I’ll be honest with you. Since I was a kid, my focus has always been on attacking and playing as a winger. And scoring goals. So to begin with, I wasn’t totally at home when I was picked as a full-back; I didn’t enjoy it. But now I’ve been playing there for a year and a half, and I feel more at home with every game. I’m really enjoying playing as a full-back now. My aim is to perform better and better in each game, do well for the team and make myself an important player in that position.”

Vazquez also talked about the great coaches he has played under, including current manager Carlo Ancelotti. He says the secret to Ancelotti’s success is his good nature.

“Put simply, his secret is that he’s a good guy with a really good heart. That’s his biggest secret.”

“Every coach has their way of coaching and of understanding the game, the kind of player they like… But the only way you’re going to play well and make a difference on the pitch is through hard work day in, day out. By showing every day that you are ready to play for Real Madrid. That’s what I try to do: battle hard to earn playing time and prove myself to my coach, so that they give me confidence and that confidence helps me to perform better every day.”

The entire interview is worth a listen or read as Vazquez covers the beginnings of his career with Real Madrid up until the current success the club has seen since he has joined the main squad.

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