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Netflix to release documentary on Luis Figo’s earth-shattering transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid

Soccer - Luis Figo Photo by AOP.Press/Corbis via Getty Images

Netflix announced today that they will be releasing a documentary, some 22 years after the historic incident, which breaks down, in detail, Luis Figo’s historical and controversial transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid.

The entire backstory of Figo’s transfer is pretty crazy (if you’re interested, Churros y Tácticas, one of the podcasts on our network, explained all of it in detail here), and now seeing a documentary where key figures in the deal will speak in it should be fascinating.

The documentary is scheduled to air on August 25th, and both of the presidents at that time (Florentino Perez, Joan Gaspart) as well as Figo himself are expected to speak on the matter.

Netflix España released this statement on social media:

“Luís Figo, Florentino Pérez, José Veiga, Joan Gaspart, Paulo Futre... 22 years later, the protagonists speak for the first time about the most controversial transfer in the history of football. The documentary #ElCasoFigoElFichajeDelSiglo arrives on August 25.”

Here is the trailer:

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