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Florentino Perez’s beautiful parting message to Casemiro

In Today’s farewell ceremony the Real Madrid president showed heaps of love and praise to a club legend

Real Madrid Farewell Ceremony for Casemiro Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

In today’s farewell ceremony for Casemiro, club president Florentino Perez gave a speech addressed to the Brazilian legend, who now departs for Manchester United.

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“Today is a day to pay tribute to one of our great references in this wonderful time that Real Madrid is experiencing,” Florentino Perez said to Casemiro. “In this exciting farewell, it is time to thank you for what you have done for Real Madrid. For being an example of commitment and values ​​and for giving everything until the end with the maximum dedication”.

Perez made sure to continually emphasize that Casemiro is a ‘reference’ for younger players.

“The young people who dream like you did to wear this shirt see in you a benchmark of work, effort, sacrifice and respect, but especially of that commitment you have had with Real Madrid from day one,” Perez said. “Almost 10 years have passed since your arrival and you have become one of our great myths. We have lived and shared together moments that are surely the most exciting of our lives. We are all very proud of the story you have starred in with the Real Madrid shirt and crest. You’ve given everything on the pitch and you’ve fought in every game as if it were the last of your life”.

The Real Madrid president also explained that Casemiro’s dedication and professionalism is what earned him the right to decide his departure.

“Dear Casemiro, you have been exemplary every day of these years and you have also been at the moment of farewell,” Perez said. “For this reason and for the generosity that you have always shown to Real Madrid, you have earned the right to decide your future and we must respect it.”

Finally, Perez expressed his wish for Casemiro, a club legend, to return one day:

“Here you have won everything and today you have, in addition to your impressive track record, the recognition and respect of all the Madridistas who will already remember you as a Real Madrid legend. You will always be one of us and you will be part of this family. We have lived a wonderful story together and I hope that when you return one day we can remember this unique time. You know how much we love you and I want you to know that Real Madrid has been, is and will always be your home. Thank you for helping us make it bigger to Real Madrid”.

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