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Recap & Highlights: Real Madrid Femenino 3-0 Real Sociedad; Copa Sentimiento

Caroline Weir wins tournament MVP.


Real Madrid Femenino won the final of the Copa Sentimiento with a comfortable 3-0 win over Real Sociedad. This is the first “trophy” in Las Blancas history, although it doesn’t quite count since it’s still preseason. New marquee signing Caroline Weir was awarded the MVP award for the tournament.

Alberto Toril started with a 4-3-3 (right to left): Misa; Kenti, Sousa, Rocío, Svava; Toletti, Zornoza, Weir; Feller, Esther, Athenea.

Madrid looked much sharper than their opponents from the get-go, scoring inside the opening couple of minutes. Claudia Zornoza was quick to recover possession from a loose pass and played a line-breaking pass towards Naomi Feller inside the box, who set up Esther for the opener. The understanding and combination between the two forwards were good to see.

This goal really set the tone. Real Sociedad, who were missing most of their starters, passed sloppily and were unable to string sequences together. Madrid’s press was good and they used that to soon double their lead.

Toril set up Madrid in a 4-4-2 without the ball, with Weir pushing forwards alongside Esther. Toletti applied pressure on the receiver in midfield to deny time on the ball, which forced a loose ball on the goal. Esther quickly jumped on it and fed Weir in the box, who calmly slotted home.

Weir’s runs into the box are really threatening and we have seen glimpses of that in this tournament.

One of the highlights of the first half was the performance of Naomi Feller. She looked extremely threatening every time she got on the ball. She was energetic and offered a variety of movements that complemented the other forwards and right back. Her 1v1 skill was solid and she was active defensively as well. Overall, Feller created multiple opportunities.

Caroline Weir’s developing understanding with the winger on the left was nice to watch. She combined well with Athenea and made good runs. This is a development that will be significant for the rest of the season.

Madrid scored another one to increase their lead in the 38th minute from a corner. Weir’s delivery was flicked on by Toletti at the near post and met by Rocío at the far post. Madrid looked comfortable from start to finish in the opening forty-five minutes, apart from a heart-in-mouth moment by Misa towards the end, when she came out of the box to sweep up a dangerous attack.

Toril switched a couple of a players at the start of the second half with, Møller, Teresa, Ivana, and Lucía coming on for Feller, Weir, Rocío, and Kenti, respectively. These changes saw Athenea move to the right flank. Esther got even more involved in this period, regularly showing for the ball in deeper areas and turning into a creator.

Madrid made further changes bringing on Nahikari, Lorena, and Olga. Olga was very lively after coming on, regularly bombing down the overlap and even showcasing her vision to play line-breaking passes from the deep.

Academy players Carla Camacho, Paula Partido, and Pichi soon got the opportunity to show their quality as well. Paula showcased her talent on the ball, creating chances off the dribble and combining with the fullback and midfielder to run in behind. Carla was once again able to get on the end of the few chances with her movements.

Another youth player, Sofía Fuente — a highly-rated goalkeeper talent — finally made her debut for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid’s new star, Caroline Weir, scored in both of her first two games and was voted as the MVP of the tournament. Madrid have started the season on a positive note and the squad looks relaxed and happy. Toril should be looking to build things from here.

Madrid now continue their preseason preparations with two games against SK Slavia Praha Ženy and AC Sparta Praha.

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