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Las Blancas Podcast: Why Weir Excelled At “Right Wing” vs. Rosenborg

Hosts Om Arvind & Yash Thakur analyze Real Madrid’s 3-0 victory over Rosenborg in the UWCL.


On this episode of Las Blancas podcast, hosts Om Arvind and Yash Thakur discuss:

  • The UEFA coefficient mattering
  • The reasons Freja Siri and Rocío started
  • Weir on the right wing not being a surprise
  • Rosenborg’s tactics
  • Why Weir on the right worked and why it didn’t with Maite in the past
  • The beautiful dynamics of the box midfield
  • Having a new solution vs. deep blocks
  • How Maite and Weir can play together
  • Athenea’s genius goal
  • Toletti’s excellent performance
  • The tactical versatility of Real Madrid’s midfield
  • Freja’s debut
  • Toril timing Freja’s inclusion well
  • Madrid’s press resistance issues
  • Esther’s role changing next to Weir
  • The increase in fines for yellow and red cards
  • And more

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Hosts this week:

Om Arvind (@OmVAsports)

Yash Thakur (@Odriozolite)

Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas)

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