Why Backward Linkage Factory is Failed?

My recent analysis of Real Madrid’s overall growth (though we have several developments and growth in many frontiers) gives me some pains where I can see plenty of opportunities for further development and growth. One of the biggest pains is that we are yet to make a tangible factory of building young talents and creativities for our forward linkage main team. This could be due to my lack of understanding on how Castilla is managed and planned. Many teams in Europe are selling some of their young talents through a price tag of 100 Million Euro. On the other hand, we are hiring lots of talents from outside keeping our home factory totally inept. Ultimately, I do not know who is benefitting from this game. But I am confident that this strategy is not a visionary strategy and will very soon be collapsed. My queries are:

I Do we have a co-shared business Vision, ie, the Real Madrid and Castilla?

II Do we have a platform of discussions/workshops/conferences for sitting together and prepare our co-shared Business Plan for every year indicating each other’s responsibilities, authorities, financial plan, management plan and others?

III To implement the co-shared Business Plan do we sit together to Monitor and Evaluate the performance and Development in every Quarter keeping in front of us the updates of quarterly and annual plans and programs?

IV I have a query on how Ajax/Borussia Dortmund/Monaco is building young talents of 100 million worth and why we cannot make such a talent? Where are the loopholes?

V I am also very frustrated about Real Madrid to keep some players by giving them millions of Euro as salary every year without any input (by warming the bench only and plagued with severe injury cases where with this amount of money we can hire 5 more young talents and give them the opportunity to build their carriers and make them 100 million worth of players).

VI Even only a few players are getting playing time by keeping others in the bench though some of the players like Dani Ceballos can easily play for La Liga teams (atleast for small teams or weak teams for 90 minutes). This is another biggest barrier of development of players.

I am sure that there is some mismanagement in our beloved team and due to this there is a TOTAL Missing Link between their visions (ie, A Team and Castilla). Even during the age of Mr. Zizu, he used to give scope of Castilla graduates playing for A Team; but now it is totally stopped. I am confident that some people out of this are benefitted by bringing hundred-million dollars price tag players to the club and by selling the Castilla players just through-away-prices. Even, I am also confident that many young talents currently will be discouraged to make their plans to join Castilla with the belief that they will not be given the opportunity to join Real Madrid A Team if they join Castilla today due to its wrong strategies. Rather if they join Borussia Dortmund or Ajax or Monaco then they will someday be a player of Real Madrid main team.

I know very clearly that football clubs are not managed by highly professional management/business educated and experienced people. Almost all the football clubs around the world are basically managed by ex-footballers. I can fairly see this from Bayern Munich management where the Chairman as well as coaches are ex-footballers. I also know that only highly educated business professionals may not give guarantee of successes in a football club. Again, because of this, football clubs are not managed professionally and are financially inept entities. Almost all the football clubs in the world are beggars of finances and servant of investors. But within next ten years this will be totally changed where there will be two identical sides of management with identical responsibilities in the football club, ie, management of businesses and management of players (head coach) only. Clubs that would not be able to adapt with that new normal will be in garbage.

What else we (Real Madrid and Barcelona) are doing through these wrong practices:

1 We are not developing new great players for Spain;

2 We are stopping creativity in Spain national football;

3 We will be the barriers for enhanced earnings for Spain football; and

4 The Spain national football team will ultimately be looser and many other disqualifications.