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Immediate Reaction: Albacete 0 - 6 Real Madrid; Copa de la Reina

To the quarter finals in style.

Real Madrid, RFEF

Goal feast in Albacete secured the quarter finals for Las Blancas. Below are my thoughts on the match.

  • Albacete didn’t have any chances and the match was filled with Real Madrid taking shots left and right so I will just mention some of them.
  • 9’: Athenea’s shot got saved and Møller almost got the rebound, but she didn’t get there in time.
  • 18’: Maite had quite a lot of shots and this was one of the most notable ones she had. She shot from a long range, hit the bar, meanwhile Nahikari was running to get it and received it with her shoulder. While she was trying to put it down from her shoulder, the defender cleared it. Another longshot by Maite that wasn’t as notable happened 3 minutes later.
  • 19’: Spoiler alert: this match had a lot of longshots but none of them entered. One of them was in 19’ when Møller was trying some things on the wing and finally getting to shoot, her shot got saved.
  • 30’: Maite made a beautiful through pass to Nahikari’s head who then managed to get a shot on target, but with not many troubles for the goalkeeper.
  • 32’: GOAL by Nahikari! The goal was quite a weird one, it all started from the pressing by Nahikari, Møller and Maite after which Maite managed to recover the ball and move up. The ball got to Olga who seemingly shot just outside of the box, but the ball decided to do some pinball action bouncing off 3 of Albacete’s players straight to Nahikari who was right there to push it in.
  • 37’: Tere has a long-range attempt after Nahikari let the ball pass through her right outside of the box, but the shot went over.
  • 40’ One of the, if not the most, notable longshots were by Møller when she shot to the further post and the goalkeeper made a brilliant under the bar save to deny her a golazo.
  • 44’ Nahikari was seen running on the right flank with the ball, ultimately deciding to do a cross inside to Møller who was pretty much alone. However, the Dane panicked and missed.
  • 45’: GOAL by Rocío! Tere took a corner kick after which there was some commotion inside the box, ultimately Nahikari got a hold of it and passed it to Rocío’s head who knew just what to do!
  • Second half started with two substitutions from the Real Madrid side: Zornoza and Carla Camacho in for Freja and Møller.
  • 47’: First touch for Carla was a brilliant recovery in the last third. She passed it to Zornoza who then lost the possession.
  • 48’: Carla Bautista made a tackle on Olga to get her second yellow card which got her sent off.
  • 62’: Tere took a corner which almost ended up inside the net after finding Rocío, but the ball somehow escaped, Nahikari was on the side fighting for it, and she earned a penalty there.
  • 64’ GOAL! Nahikari took the penalty, but her shot was saved, Athenea got the rebound, but it also bounced off Albacete’s Herrero to make it 0-3. Weirdest penalty saga ever.
  • 67’: Olga noticed the goalkeeper left the position and tried her luck from nearly the half-way line, sadly it wasn’t strong enough ending up in goalkeeper’s hands.
  • 69’: Substitution: Weir and Paula Partido in for Maite and Athenea.
  • 76’: GOAL by Rocío! Weir made a cross inside to Rocío who went for a sort of a volley and got it inside.
  • 79’: Substitution: Svava in for Olga.
  • 82’: GOAL by Zornoza! Nahikari got a hold of the ball in the box, she got trapped but managed to get the ball through to Weir who sends the ball to Zornoza who was open.
  • 84’: Paula crosses to Nahikari’s head and unluckily the shot, that was from quite afar, hit the crossbar.
  • 87’: GOAL by Paula Partido! Weir passed to Paula from the right wing who shot the ball through defender’s legs. The academy player got her second goal for Real Madrid and first ever in Copa de la Reina.

The goal fest stops at 0-6, whew. What a fun match in which no shots from 11 or more meters went in but the most random ones did. Still, what a way to qualify to the next round of Copa de la Reina!

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