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Benzema: “What happened with the World Cup was complicated, but it’s in the past”

All the quotes from the captain’s pre-Clásico press conference.

Real Madrid v Valencia CF - Super Copa de España Photo by Yasser Bakhsh/Getty Images

On Saturday afternoon, Karim Benzema took part in a player press conference ahead of the Super Cup final against Barcelona. This was his first press conference since all the drama with the France national team and Didier Deschamps, so there was great anticipation ahead of this appearance. However, Benzema didn’t give much away at all.

Asked multiple times about the France national team, his response was: “It was a complicated issue, but it’s in the past. I’m sorry that I can’t speak about France or the World Cup. If you ask me about tomorrow’s match I’ll respond, but to the rest I won’t.”

Benzema on the Super Cup final

When the questions moved on to discussing the game, Benzema stated: “It’s a very important match for us. Barcelona are a great team, but we have to look at what we can do. We have one more training session before it and we need to make sure we’re ready. This final means we have the chance to win another trophy. At Real Madrid, we always have to win. We know it’ll be difficult, but we have to have the mentality that we can win this match.”

Benzema on his physical condition

Asked how he is feeling, having overcome the injuries that plagued him at the end of 2022, the striker stated: “I am back from my injury and I worked hard to get back to my best level. I want to be on the ball, score and assist and I feel like I’m back. I hope I’ll keep helping my teammates out. I’m ready and I’m feeling good mentally and physically. Last year was a very important year for me, but then I had various injuries and it took time to return, but now I’m on the right path. I feel good.”

Benzema on the accusations of a lack of commitment to Real Madrid

When Benzema missed several games in the autumn, some accused him of not being fully committed to Real Madrid and of sitting those matches out in order to stay healthy for the World Cup. Given that he then didn’t even make it to the World Cup, the player was asked if he feels vindicated and if he had a message for those who doubted him. To that, he simply responded: “I know what I did and what Real Madrid means to me. I wanted to play every match, but I was injured.”

Benzema on how long he has left

The striker’s contract expires in the summer of 2023 and he was asked how long he thinks he’ll remain a Real Madrid player. To that, he said: “I’m enjoying every match and training session with Real Madrid. I go year by year, so I don’t know until when I’ll remain with Real Madrid, but I’m happy for now.”

Ancelotti on Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence at training

When Cristiano Ronaldo visited Real Madrid training on Friday, the Portuguese took photos with several players, but not with Benzema. Asked about that, he said: “We didn’t need a photo to show we’re friends. We didn’t need that for Instagram and Twitter and all that. He was there, but I didn’t have time to say hello to him. Hopefully I can see him tomorrow and speak to him. I think Cristiano Ronaldo is happy here. I hope he can keep scoring goals and being decisive.

Benzema on Saudi Arabia

Asked for his opinion on Saudi Arabia, the Frenchman replied: “Saudi Arabia is a very nice country and all the fans here are happy to see Real Madrid. I hope we can win this trophy tomorrow. I don’t watch this country’s football much, but I think they’re doing well.”

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