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Las Blancas Podcast: Three for three of 2023

Hosts Yash Thakur and Kanita analyze Real Madrid’s 4-0 win against Real Betis.

Real Madrid v Real Betis - Liga F Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

On this episode of Las Blancas podcast Yash Thakur and Kani Froh discuss Real Madrid’s 4-0 win over Real Betis.

Talking points:

  • Line-ups and midfield selection - Zornoza as the deepest midfielder
  • How Betis set up; Weir and Maite’s movements between the lines
  • The throw-in saga(s); a couple of interesting recoveries by Esther and Ivana from Betis’ throw-ins
  • GOAL (34’): Esther puts it away after brilliant work by Feller
  • More talk about Feller’s movements and thoughts on the criticisms on Esther
  • Athenea gets carded after accidentally elbowing her opponent in 37’
  • Betis’ aggressive start to the second half after switching to a 4-3-3
  • GOAL (49’): Weir’s finish and Athenea’s work on the goal; all starting from a throw-in
  • Betis creating danger in the opening 15 minutes
  • Substitution (57’): Teresa and Nahikari in for Maite and Feller
  • GOAL (64’): Zornoza finishing off from an opening pass by Esther; Nahikari-Esther dynamic as a “distraction” in this instance
  • GOAL (65’): Nahikari’s goal which also started from a throw-in, but ended with Athenea’s dribble and through ball to Nahikari
  • Substitution (70’): Møller and Olga in for Esther and Svava
  • Substitution (77’): Kenti in for Athenea
  • Nahikari’s two chances - losing control from a ball sent by Olga and a volley from Kenti’s cross
  • 79’: Weir walks out, Real Madrid left with 10 - What’s wrong?
  • Møller’s minutes
  • Betis managing a couple of chances + their goal that was ruled out for a foul on Misa in 85’

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Hosts this week:

Yash Thakur (@Odriozolite)

Kanita (@KaniFroh)

Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas)

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