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Quique Setién: “Real Madrid is wounded, and a wounded animal is much more dangerous”

The Villarreal coach provided a warning ahead of the Copa del Rey clash with Real Madrid this Thursday.

Villarreal Cf V Hapoel Beer-sheva - Uefa Conference League Photo By Ivan Terron/Europa Press via Getty Images

Quique Setien openly admitted that he wanted Real Madrid to have won the Super Cup over the weekend as they now come in to Thursday’s match as a “wounded animal”. Speaking in the pre-match press conference, Setien elaborated on his thoughts:

“I prefer that the Real Madrid had won the previous day. You know that it rarely happens that Real Madrid lose two games in a row and that is now a handicap. I don’t pay attention to the fact that they are in a bad moment or tired, they will surely come to win. They will be better due to the conditions, they are a wounded and we know that a wounded animal is much more dangerous”, Setien emphasized.

The Villarreal coach went on to explain his expectations for the match. You always expect a very difficult game against Real Madrid, we all know the potential that they posseses. It is true that you may think that now they are in a moment of doubt, but this is fictitious given the level of players we are talking about, players who do not need to play their best game to move forward”

Asked if the match will be similar or if any tactical changes will be made, Setien was clear: “You know the things that you have not done well in the previous match and that you are going to try to improve them, and you also know what you have done well, and look to repeat it. We, in general, did a lot of things right, although we were wrong in some areas. I don’t know if it will be a similar match because the circumstances are different, but I’m sure it will be entertaining.”

Near the end of the press conference, Seitien again looked to take pressure off his players and emphasize that Real Madrid are the favorites. “Real Madrid as a whole is differential and it is difficult to stop their players. Player by player they are surely better than ours, just as we are better than other teams of a lower level, but this is not always decisive and sometimes the small fish eats the biggest. Now there is a lot of equality and everyone has a hard time winning, the logical thing would be for Real Madrid to win, but in football logic is not always given”, he stated.

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