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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 2 - 1 Athletic Club; Liga F

A lot of suffering but it did the job.


Win at home for Real Madrid against Athletic Club. Las Blancas won with the result of 2-1 with the goals of Esther and Feller, and Jone Amezaga on the other side. Below are my views and thoughts on the match.

Alberto Toril set up his team as a 3-5-2 putting Svava and Athenea on the wingbacks and Toletti-Weir-Zornoza midfield to support them. Feller and Esther lead the attack and in defense it was Rocío-Kathellen-Ivana with Misa on goal.

  • The first 11 minutes were quite boring with hardly anything happening. In 11’ Oihane’s cross inside of Madrid’s box got deflected off Svava almost ending up in the net. Luckily, Misa managed to save it just under the crossbar and Kathellen was close to clear it away. Crisis averted.
  • In 14’ Toletti initiated the attack brining the ball into the box to Esther. She was looking for options and decided to pass it to Weir’s head but it never reached Weir, it was cleared.
  • There were a few times Real Madrid players tried their luck from a long range, but all shots were easy enough for Quiñones.
  • 27’ GOAL by Esther (1-0)! Toletti’s shot got saved, but Esther was close by to get it. Her shot was also brushed by Mariasun Quiñones, but it wasn’t enough to keep the ball out of the net.
  • Until the end of the first half, there were again a few more long-range attempts, nothing too serious. Aside from that, there were a few cool moments. A dribble by Feller in 37’, a taconazo from her as well one minute later, and Esther managing a dribble and taking a sideshot that ended up being saved at 42’.
  • There were no halftime subs from any side.
  • In the second half, the dominance switched sides. Athletic managed to read Madrid during halftime and didn’t concede as many chances.
  • There was an awkward chance in 61’. Esther’s shot got blocked and it was about to reach Feller but there was a well-timed tackle in front of her. The ball got to Weir who tried to shoot, but the shot was blocked and ended in a corner for Real Madrid.
  • 64’ GOAL by Feller (2-0)! Weir’s fantastic through pass into the box was perfectly received by Feller and finished off clean.
  • 66’ GOAL by J. Amezaga (2-1)! Jone Amezaga took the ball and dribbled it inside Madrid’s box. Her shot went through Kathellen’s legs, but it was also a bit deflected in the process. Misa dived the other way and the ball was in.
  • From this point on, Athletic pressed a lot and managed quite a few chances and shots, most of them ending up off target. In the last 24 minutes of the game, the Basque side was definitely more dominant and gave Las Blancas a few scares.
  • Real Madrid also had a few chances, but much fewer. In 83’ Weir made a brilliant dribble after which she passed to her left where Feller was, but it was blocked before reaching the French woman. The ball got to Maite who took a shot but hers got blocked as well and cleared.
  • There were no more notable chances after Madrid’s at 83’, just a lot of pressing from Athletic.

The match ended 2-1. Unnecessary suffering in the second half where Athletic could’ve tied easily. Props to their defense as well for handling Madrid’s plays that well.

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