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Immediate Reaction: Madrid CFF 0 - 4 Real Madrid; Liga F

Madrid is white. Again.


Real Madrid won 0:4 against Madrid CFF in the first game of 2023. Here are my comments about it.

  • The game kicked off and not even a minute in, Las Blancas scored after first 35 seconds. Esther pushes it in after Paola’s weak punch.
  • The rest of the first half wasn’t very exciting. The teams took turns of getting a period of a few minutes playing on one half of the pitch. Misa had a dramatic save where she ran out of the box to kick the ball away against Kundananji during Madrid CFF’s counterattack. A typical Misa move.
  • In 38’, Real Madrid got a freekick and Weir shot it directly to Paola, the Madrid’s goalkeeper, she punched it, but Esther was right there, once again, to shoot it in.
  • Misa also had a couple more saves, out of which the one in 44’ was very notable where she had to intervene after the opponents’ corner kick.
  • 0:2 at halftime. No halftime subs from either side.
  • Weir took a long range shot at 53’ after the defense abandoned her and hit the net for 0:3. What a goal and by a typical shot from Caroline Weir.
  • Three minutes later, Svava tried her luck too from an even greater distance, the shot was powerful alright, the goalkeeper had a hard time saving it. No goal.
  • The second half was already looking much more interesting. A minute later, Kundananji had a shot on target in which Misa had to intervene.
  • 58’ Real Madrid sub: Ivana and Teresa in for Rocio and Athenea. Rocio was probably subbed off for getting a yellow card in the first half and Athenea had just got back from an injury.
  • In 67’, Real Madrid recovered the ball from the opponents’ throw-in, but ultimately Esther misplaces a pass in the middle and Madrid goes to counterattack. Kundananji got the shot and hit the post and it barely escaped Real’s goal. Luckily there was no one to shoot it in before Misa went back to get it.
  • 70’ Real Madrid sub: Nahikari in for Esther
  • Spoiler alert: Nahikari didn’t get a goal or assist but she connected well with Maite and Weir, even when having to go wide. She had a few recoveries and won an aerial duel. Her 20 minutes looked sharp.
  • At 84’, Maite hit the net from outside the box. What a rocket and what a goal!
  • Teresa almost scored an olympic goal from corner in 88’ and that would be all excitement from the game. All in all, great way to start the new year. Happy New Year to Madridistas, indeed.

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